5 differences with Sean Desai as Chicago Bears defensive coordinator

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Chicago Bears, Robert Quinn
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3. Running More Stunts

The play in the previous slide was not necessarily a stunt, but you did see Quinn whip inside as if he were stunting to get the sack. This has been a Sean Desai speciality though his first nine games. He has consistently stunted his lineman to create pressure. In the case of Khalil Mack, he has three sacks on stunts alone.

Check out the play below. This is aided by DeAndre Houston-Carson, who crashed into the tackle. This allows Mack to stunt inside, where he is now matched up on a running back. Great scheme by Desai.

Check Mack at the top against the Bengals. This is a class stunt where the interior man goes outside, and Mack jumps inside. He gets the Bengals guard passing off the lineman and hits his inside shoulder to get into the backfield.

The theme of Khalil Mack having a bouncback 2021 has been to get him on guards in the interior and have him rush straight at them from a stunt. He gets the guard off-balance, and is in a much easier position to win. Credit Sean Desai for opening up much more for Mack this season