3 Chicago Bears defenders who must step up to stop Lamar Jackson

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears are set to take on Lamar Jackson for the first time this week. Lamar Jackson is different than any other quarterback, and even while some fans compare Justin Fields to Jackson, there are plenty of differences that make Jackson unique on his own. So, for this week, the Chicago Bears will essentially be facing an offense that they cannot replicate and will not face moving forward. It calls for an entirely different attack.

Still, it is always on the players, and they will be the same. Some players are better equipped to defend the Ravens than others, though. Who are three players who are best fit to defend what the Ravens bring to the table?

3. DeAndre Houston-Carson

If no one else will talk about the breakout season that DeAndre Houston-Carson is having in 2021, we will mention it over and over again. He went from a depth piece to a legitimate contributor on the defense who should be making a case for starting snaps. Still, against Baltimore, it may be best for him to be the third safety.

With speed like Lamar Jackson at quarterback, you have to take your linebackers like Alec Ogletree off of the field and get more speed and range on the field. That means that DHC should see a huge role.

What has made DHC impressive this year is the plays produced in the run, in the past, and blitzing. He has shown range, tackling, and power. All will be needed as the Ravens will try to run at the small bodies. Still, his size and speed may make him the player that spies Lamar Jackson. Keep an eye on his performance this week.