Recipe for how the Chicago Bears can give fans a Happy Thanksgiving

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The Chicago Bears must follow through with Matt Nagy rumors

Listen, I am not one to root for a person to fail. It goes against my human nature and personality. I would prefer everyone on this roster to find a way to meet our expectations. The problem is, that is not realistic and it’s our job to not only analyze the team, players and coaches but also hold them accountable. Well, if the Chicago Bears want to make Bears fans happy for Thanksgiving, then they need to follow through with these Matt Nagy rumors.

I am not saying they need to fire him after the Detroit Lions game necessarily, but they do need to let him go prior to the end of the season. They need to be doing their due diligence (which apparently they have been) and find the next, best coach. Again, the problem lies in who is going to be doing the coaching search? We will get back to more on that later. For now, I am confident that many Chicago Bears fans would have a happier Thanksgiving knowing Matt Nagy is not in the team’s plans beyond this season.

Matt Nagy was brought into the organization to breathe new life into an offense that hasn’t been good for a very long time. In his first season (2018), the team went 12-4, dominating the NFC North and winning the division. A double-doink playoff loss ended the run but many were hopeful for the future. The problem is, the offense was never that good. The offense ranked 21st in yards gained. It was ninth in points, but that is skewed due to the historical defense that finished first in takeaways.

Things went downhill fast though as the defense started coming back down to earth. In 2019 the offense was 29th in yards gained and 29th in points. 2020 was slightly better at 26th in yards gained and 22nd in points scored, but this year the team is currently 31st in offensive yards and 29th in points. Matt Nagy has not fixed the offense and it boils mostly down to the passing game. We have seen enough quarterbacks to know it’s the system more than the player.

Anyway, I came up with a three-step process to guarantee Matt Nagy is shown the door. Step 1 already happened as they lost to a Tyler Huntley-led Baltimore Ravens team last week. Step 2 could easily happen tomorrow and honestly, I don’t even think it’s truly needed for Step 3 to take place, which is to fire Matt Nagy before the season’s end.

Needless to say, this will not be enough as I’ve already pointed out. Not only must Ted Phillips and Matt Nagy go, but there needs to be at least one additional change that must take place.