Five Chicago Bears we’d love to have over for Thanksgiving dinner

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When it comes to the Chicago Bears, it seems that everyone is talking mostly about the Matt Nagy situation. I know we have continued to kick that dead horse because more and more news keeps leaking. I’ve tried to spin things in a somewhat fun way with a bit of a satire article regarding Nagy, but as I mentioned in that article, it feels that anything we discuss about the Bears right now is satire.

The last 36-48 hours have been very, very strange, but also expected of this franchise. There are many things that we have seen over the last two days that make you think, what!? There was a story leaked that Matt Nagy was notified he would be coaching his last game in Detroit. Then, Nagy denied that rumor to be true, stating he had not even spoken with the front office since the loss to the Ravens since it was a short week.

What happened next just speaks volumes about this franchise and how it is being run. Later that day, even though it wasn’t scheduled, Nagy then met with the front office. After that meeting, all other scheduled meetings were canceled for the day. If that doesn’t scream that Nay was fired, I don’t know what does. However, this is the Chicago Bears we are talking about here so we know nothing is ever done the best way.

Now even more rumors are coming out. Some that George McCaskey is the one who pushed to start Justin Fields for one. Another report is that McCaskey met with players regarding the whole Nagy situation, assuring them that the report was not true. Why was that not Ryan Pace? Is he truly on the hot seat or is he staying? Not having Pace address the players makes me wonder just how safe he really is right now.

Alright, enough about all of this craziness. There is a Chicago Bears game for us to watch today and it’s Thanksgiving. This led me to think about five current Chicago Bears players I’d love to invite for dinner.