Matt Nagy survives another week, but his fate with Chicago Bears is sealed

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

All week Matt Nagy had to deal with rumors that he would be fired after the Detroit Lions game. While he dealt with them as well as you could, and the focus moved to a whacky ownership group, his Chicago Bears team did not put together an effort that would make you think that he will be with the team much longer.

Nagy won against the Lions, and when you combine that ownership had to shoot down the reports before the game, they are going to keep Nagy for another week. It would be too hard to hire their next coach after a debacle that would feature lying to the team and then firing a coach off a win.

However, the way in which the Chicago Bears won makes you realize that he will likely stick it out for this year, but he is done.

The team showed up unprepared against a winless team. Their big defensive change of starting Artie Burns resulted in a coverage bust. The offense was less creative than ever before, shooting down thoughts that Nagy was holding things back from Fields.

The team relied on their opponent to lose the game. The Detroit Lions had false starts and offsides. They called time-outs back to back. They had no sort of game plan, and they have no talent on the roster to speak of.

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Squeaking out a two-point win will save his job for another week. The rumors that he would be fired may have saved him for the season. But, scoring 16 points with the quarterback that you signed is not going to cut it. At times, the defense looked deflated, and like they could not manage to hold a depleted Detroit offense any longer. This did not look like a team that came together to win a game for their coach. It looked like a team that stumbled to a win.

If the Chicago Bears get this kind of effort the rest of the way, they are going to lose out. Considering this was the all-in game to save the job of Nagy, it is hard to expect much more fight. Do not expect the Bears to turn anything around.