Two Chicago Bears head coaching candidates are now no longer an option

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The Chicago Bears cannot bring Matt Nagy back in 2022. He has a year left on his contract, but this franchise cannot continue to trust that Nagy is the answer. At least, that is what we are all hoping for at this point. Deep down, most of us know that we cannot fall into a false sense of hope until we know for sure it is going to happen. This team has proven over and over again just how poor they are at making decisions. Would it really shock anyone if Nagy is still around in 2022?

Now that we have that out of the way, let us continue on the assumption that the organization has indeed made a decision regarding Matt Nagy’s future and he will not be coaching this team next season. There have already been rumors that the team has been doing their due diligence regarding potential head coaching replacements. The big question is who has been doing the due diligence? Can we expect Ryan Pace to stick around if Matt Nagy is fired? The answer should be no.

The Chicago Bears must replace Matt Nagy in 2022

The problem is, that it appears that Ryan Pace is in deep with the organization. Some like to say that he’s the son that Ted Phillips and George McCaskey never had. Is he indeed safe within the franchise or is he too on a short leash and headed out the door? Just like Nagy, only time will tell, but if I had to bet money on it, I’d say Nagy is gone before Pace. That said, I do hope they move on from Pace, whether that means letting him go or hiring him to a different position.

What’s strange though is why would the team be looking at new head coaches while not expressing any rumored interest in a new general manager? Maybe there is some truth to Pace not being let go or the fan fiction idea (I agree with by the way) of moving Ryan Pace into a role that oversees football operations. This could mean a completely new general manager takes over, or maybe they promote Anthony “Champ” Kelly into Pace’s general manager position.

No matter what happens over the next couple of weeks or months, one thing is true — it appears that two potential head coaching candidates are now off the table for this team.