The one Chicago Bears head coaching candidate no one seems to mention

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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When we look at the head coaching candidates throughout the NFL, the majority of the time it has to do with the top offensive and defensive coordinators. At times, teams will bring back former NFL head coaches and other times teams will bring in the top college coaches. We have already seen two college coaches take jobs with different schools and will no longer be an option for the Chicago Bears should they move on from Matt Nagy.

Is anyone else frustrated by the fact that Matt Nagy is still coaching this team? Personally, you should know by now that Matt Nagy is not going anywhere with six games left in the season and the team being one game out of the playoffs. That’s right…if you missed it, the Chicago Bears are still “in the hunt.”

I know, I know. What a ridiculous notion. Here was my response to the same post on Twitter:

Now, excuse the language, that was not very professional of me. That said, at this point in the year, despite not having high expectations for this team, I still get upset when they lose. I still get upset when they make boneheaded decisions. I still get upset, even though I love Brendan Sugrue and I know his post was based on sarcasm, when fans say nonsense like “the Chicago Bears are still in the hunt” despite not having a chance of making the playoffs.

The Chicago Bears need to keep all options open to replace Matt Nagy

Well, I am going to be very upset if Matt Nagy is not gone by the end of the year (preferably within the last two weeks of the season) and if Ryan Pace is just magically safe. For those of you who read my content consistently, I am obviously not as hard on Pace as others. That does not mean that I think he deserves to remain as the Chicago Bears general manager come 2022.

How is it that there have been leaks regarding Nagy’s seat being hot but not Pace’s seat? Simple, the leaks are probably from Pace’s camp as he tries to distance himself from Nagy. Well, no matter who is choosing the next head coach of the Chicago Bears, it appears that this one name is hardly mentioned if mentioned at all.