Will Tarik Cohen play for Chicago Bears in 2021?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears have gone so long without talking about Tarik Cohen that it was almost hard to remember that he was still on the team. After tearing his ACL at the midway point of last season, Cohen has yet to hit the practice field, and there have been no reports that day is coming soon.

There are only six weeks left in the NFL season, and NFL players are allowed to practice three weeks before being activated. This means if Cohen is going to play this year, he would return to practice in the next two weeks.

When asked about Tarik Cohen recently, Matt Nagy did not have much of an update.

Nagy is talking up Cohen and saying that he is doing the right things. However, he is making it sound like Cohen is not going to return this season. Never did he bring up that possibility and he never mentioned the thought of him returning to get on the field.

All that he said was that he is working hard and that they would have loved if he could have come back sooner.

Before piling on Tarik Cohen, remember this is a serious injury, and everyone recovers differently. We do not know if Cohen had a setback, or what has been going on. Beyond that, one thing we do know is that Cohen is dying to come back. He said so himself.

This is a player who was undersized, and under-recruited. Despite playing at NC A&T he made the most and got himself drafted. You cannot make it that far without loving what you are doing and grinding countless hours.

Cohen is working hard, things are just not going in his favor. Still, when you combine the frustration of Cohen with the admittance of Nagy, you can see both are on a similar page. Cohen would like to come back, but he is not at a point where that is possible.

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With just six weeks left, you would assume that would still try to get him on the practice field before the end of the season. However, without opening his three-week window you have to assume that he will not play for at least three more weeks, and likely longer as there will only be three more games to go.