Chicago Bears: 3 players who deserve more playing time down the stretch

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Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Thomas Graham
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The CB room is another position that the Chicago Bears may want  to shake-up

Player No. 3: Thomas Graham Jr

Thomas Graham Jr was another day three pick for the Bears in 2021 and is someone the team may use in the future. Graham was a stud during his time in Oregon. A legit cover CB who also possesses skills when playing the ball, evidenced by leading the Pac 12 in passes defended in 2018.

Many believe that Graham has third-round talent but fell as low as he did due to opting out of the 2020 college football season. Graham did get some playing time in the preseason where he wasn’t particularly great and has been on the practice squad since.

Given how poor this CB room has been in 2021, besides Jaylon Johnson, it may be time to give the rookie a shot. Sitting at 4-7 the team finds themselves one game out of a wild card spot but it’s clear the Chicago Bears are not a playoff-caliber team.

Behind Johnson, the team came into the year with Duke Shelley and Kindle Vildor. Neither of them has been good but Vildor, in particular, is getting burnt on the outside week in and week out. The team also has Artie Burns who they finally started this past week and while he did get beat early on bounced back to finish strong.

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Nonetheless, you know what you have in all three of those players. Graham can come in and possibly offer you something and may also prove to be the slot CB of the future.