Did another head coaching candidate emerge for the Chicago Bears?

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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I know you are tired of reading about these Matt Nagy articles. However, until the Chicago Bears do the right thing, we have to keep talking about him. Then, once he is fired, we will just talk about his potential replacements. In this case, I am going to do both.

We have seen enough of Matt Nagy to know that this team is going nowhere. We know that even though Nagy isn’t calling the plays, this offense is still his baby. The scheme is his and not Bill Lazor’s. This is not to say that Lazor would make that much of a difference. At this point, nothing is working and we all can see it.

Could the Chicago Bears fire Matt Nagy after another Packers loss?

With the Packers up next on the schedule, the bloodbath is going to continue. Chicago and Green Bay will be a nationally televised game on Sunday Night Football. The week after that, the team is scheduled to play the Vikings on Monday Night Football. That is back-to-back nationally televised games. If the team looks as bad as we all expect, then I don’t see how Nagy survives both games.

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I do not see how George McCaskey can stomach another embarrassing loss to the Green Bay Packers while the whole country is watching. As much as I bash on George McCaskey, I do believe he cares. He’s just too inept to do anything to fix this organization.

To be honest, I am surprised to hear rumors about the Chicago Bears looking at potential replacements for Matt Nagy already. The reports came out a couple of weeks ago and with the new rule in place that allows teams to interview coaches in the final two weeks of the regular season, I am hopeful the team fires Matt Nagy before the end of the season, making him the first in Bears history to lose his job before the season ended. Who will replace him though?