Chicago Bears fans should move to this chant

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The “Fire Nagy” chants have worn out their welcome. From Chicago Bears, games to Blackhawks, Bulls and even his son high school, the “Fire Nagy” chant has replaced the wave as a staple of attending a sporting event. Fans are now looking forward to it, and you can expect to hear it during their next home game, assuming Nagy is coaching for that game.

That is what makes the fire Nagy chants are played out. First, nothing is funny for months on end, and the reality is that Matt Nagy is going to get fired. Nobody is going to deny that at this point, so the chant is arguably pointless as well.

However, if Chicago Bears want something to change, it is not quite as perfect because it is only two syllables, but “Fire Pace” should be echoing the stadiums for the next month. Maybe “Fire Ryan Pace” fits the same tune.

As noted, Nagy is going to go, but reports have been indecisive on Pace. As fire Nagy chants picked up attention, the attention has shifted away from Pace, who very much is responsible for the Bears being in this spot.

It is so smart to start clean now that the Bears have a quarterback that people will want to work with. It will be easy to find a GM and a head coach who have a similar vision. By keeping Pace, you bring in someone that he will hire in a desperate heave to save his job. That is not what you want.

Next. Time to bench this player. dark

This is not some holier than thou call to save the dignity of Nagy, but rather to remind fans that while he earned his fate, he is not alone in what is going on here. For every fire Nagy chant, Bears fans should be firing off one fire Pace behind it.

It is for the best of the franchise after all.