Chicago Bears Stock Report: Head coaching candidates to replace Matt Nagy

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Candidate: Dave Toub – Stock Up

Dave Toub is not in my top five right now for potential coaching candidates to replace Matt Nagy. However, he is someone I think I am higher on than most. I wrote a whole profile on Toub here. I’ll give the reader’s digest version again though.

I am coming around to the idea that the next Chicago Bears head coach needs to be a great manager. What I mean by that is, that I want the next head coach to be what Matt Nagy refused to be until forced — by then it was too late. I want the Chicago Bears to consider a head coach who knows how to delegate.

The idea of a head coach who handles the details of the entire team, while allowing his coordinators and positional coaches to handle the offensive and defensive schemes just makes too much sense to me. What better than a special teams coordinator to take on that role? This is why I have Dave Toub’s stock on the rise despite not being mentioned in the national spotlight.

Toub has a history here with the Chicago Bears when he was a special teams coach under Lovie Smith. If we look at what John Harbaugh does in Baltimore, that seems ideal here in Chicago too. The key is bringing in the right offensive and defensive coordinators. Toub’s well-established (20 years) coaching career should help him in this regard. He clearly has some solid connections throughout the league.

I had this to say about the idea in my full-length look at Toub:

One thing that sets special teams coordinators apart from offensive and defensive coordinators is the fact they work with the entire team, all the coaches and even the staff. It’s like an inside track to running an entire team — also known as becoming a head coach.

Toub is slowly creeping up my favorites list. I’m keeping him on my list of potential candidates whether Ryan Pace or the next general manager agrees or not.