Chicago Bears victory over the Seahawks should not delay things

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

We just witnessed a Christmas miracle. Alright, that’s a little extreme, but the Chicago Bears found a way to beat a very troubled Seattle Seahawks team. This situation is not fun and most Bears fans would be happier had everything worked out with Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. Instead, we have seen one great season that ended without a playoff win followed by three seasons of mediocrity.

All season long, the reports are that Matt Nagy was not only on the hot seat but for every loss that amounted, that seat started to turn into a flaming pile of manure. When it comes to this team, there is plenty of blame to go around. However, the main problem is clearly at the top. We have seen this movie play out over and over and yes, over again. Every once in a while, we see a different path, but the results at the ending are always the same.

The Chicago Bears must move on from Matt Nagy despite the win

This is why, right now, today (it is midnight as I write this), the Chicago Bears must announce that Matt Nagy is no longer going to be coaching this team. I’ll even take, Matt Nagy will finish out the season, but will not be retained as the head coach in 2022. This is despite the rumors that a loss might have sped up the process. Winning or losing today should not have mattered.

Coinciding with this announcement must be a similar message about general manager Ryan Pace. Unfortunately, rumors are his job may not be in jeopardy as much as some would hope. Nope, that’s not all. I think Chicago Bears fans also deserve a direct announcement that the team will move Ted Phillips out of his role.

The fact that Nick Foles was able to help lead the team to a win — based on many factors that were not related to Foles at all by the way — should not be enough to delay the firing of Matt Nagy. Nagy needs to go. This is the first of a few steps that we want to see and a win over a struggling Seahawks team is not enough to save Nagy’s job. At least it shouldn’t be.

If Matt Nagy is still the head coach of this team without the announcement that he won’t be back in 2022 by the time Sunday rolls around, I might lose it. In fact, maybe I’ll create a space on Twitter and rant about it fully with some not safe for work language and rage.

Next. The Nick Foles nonsense must stop. dark

Honestly, I’d probably just speak calmly and laugh at myself for loving a team that chooses to not love me back. I might need to see a therapist and discuss how unhealthy this relationship truly is. I want and expect change even though I know deep down it will never happen.