Are these Chicago Bears rumors too quiet?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Over the past week, the rumors surrounding Matt Nagy and his status have flown every which way. Many reports are saying he is out and he knows it. Others say that he has not been told anything. Nagy himself assumes he will keep coaching and says he has not heard from ownership. While the Chicago Bears head coach has to face the media every single day and his status gets tossed around, one person is flying under the radar with far less criticism.

Ryan Pace is arguably far more responsible for the Chicago Bears are than Matt Nagy. His moves are always lacking foresight and no skill players that struggled in the Matt Nagy offense went on to have success elsewhere.

However, because Matt Nagy has to talk to reporters, and Ryan Pace does not, and only takes interviews from the team media, so we all obsess over Nagy and leave Pace as the afterthought.

With two weeks to go until the end of the season teams can interview coaches, but also GMs. Unlike Nagy, who talks to the players every day, firing Pace would have no impact on the player’s mentality heading into the last games. It is arguable that the Bears are hurting themselves far more by not getting GM interviews in right now than they are missing out on head coach calls.

The GM is supposed to hire the head coach after all. Heck, even if they wanted to let the new GM, or football decision-maker decide on the status of Matt Nagy it would make more sense than what is going on.

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The Bears cannot let Ryan Pace choose another head coach. However, with no rumors of him being a potential causality, the thought starts to become more realistic. As much as Nagy deserves the headlines it is stunning how little heat Pace seems to be getting.