This is reason enough for Chicago Bears to move on from Ryan Pace

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The Chicago Bears have spent the past couple of weeks debating whether or not to retain Ryan Pace for next season. The decision should be easier than they are making it, but they are committed to Pace and seem to like him like a son. However, when watching their team beat down the New York Giants, thought should have cast over George McCaskey as to what he should do with Ryan Pace.

McCaskey needs to look no further than Mike Glennon to realize what needs to be done. Bears fans and Pace defenders have all of the excuses built-in. They will say that Pace never really planned for Glennon to start and that the money was all a smokescreen. No matter how you break it down, paying Mike Glennon what the Chicago Bears and seeing the turn out of what he is in the NFL is reason enough to move on from Ryan Pace.

Mike Glennon has made $31 million over nine seasons. That sounds like a lot until you realize that Pace is responsible for $18.5 and then he has $12.5 over the other eight seasons.

However, even in that aspect, he is overpaid as you saw that he is not even a competent backup. The Bears overpaid him with no experience which cost them depth pieces that could have been built around Mitch Trubisky. So, the argument that the money does not matter does not add up, and the evaluation that Glennon deserves to be paid more than $5 million per year, let alone $18 shows that he has no real understanding of the value of assets around the NFL.

Seeing Mike Glennon in the same stadium as Andy Dalton and Nick Foles should give the owners all that they need to see. Justin Fields being the one out of those four mistakes, and being hurt because Pace did not put the proper pieces in place around him should be a shining example of why they need to move on from him.

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Maybe Mike Glennon will be good for something in Chicago after all if his performance against Chicago showed McCaskey just how misguided Pace was back in the day.