It’s in the interest of the Chicago Bears to sign this leader long-term

In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears didn’t have much draft capital, however, the decision they made with their first pick in the said draft is a decision they should continue to support for a long, long time.

This decision was drafting running back David Montgomery out of Iowa State– the inferior Iowa college, allegedly. Go Hawks, am I right?

With my University of Iowa bias out the way, David Montgomery was an absolute stud coming out of Iowa State.

The Chicago Bears were right about David Montgomery, and they should make him a major part of their future

As a true freshman at Iowa State, Montgomery led the Cyclones in rushing, and at that moment, the Iowa State Cyclones knew they had something special. David Montgomery continued his Iowa State career finishing with 3,507 all-purpose yards (2,925 rushing yards and 582 receiving yards) and 26 touchdowns in 37 total games.

While David Montgomery, AKA Chuck Bruce, wasn’t a five-star recruit that stopped the Earth from spinning with his abilities on the football field, he surely perked up the ears of Ryan Pace and company.

With the Chicago Bears’ first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft not coming until the third round, Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears likely knew they had to be smart with this pick, especially given that the Mitchell Trubisky pick was just two years prior.

Considering the fact that usually draft picks start to dip in likelihood of being a superstar the longer a draft goes on, Ryan Pace has made many fans happy with his ability to find diamonds in the rough towards the later rounds. No, the third round isn’t a baron wasteland, but it’s no first or second round: the rounds where studs usually find themselves being taken.

With all that said, hindsight continues to have an undefeated record.

Ryan Pace made a great selection with David “Chuck Bruce” Montgomery, and years later, Montgomery has shown that he’s a bonafide leader. It’s not much of a surprise that Montgomery wore the “C” at Iowa State; and while the Chicago Bears have weekly captains, a narrative is forming among Bears fans that David Montgomery should be a captain week-in and week-out.

With the likely firing of Matt Nagy at the conclusion of the 2021/2022 NFL Season, the idea of weekly captains could be going with Nagy. With that said, it’d be in the Chicago Bears’ best interest to make Montgomery a permanent captain, as well as chaining him to the franchise for the elongated future.

With Montgomery only being tied to the team until 2022, it’d make a lot of sense for David Montgomery to be tied to the team until he hangs the cleats up, barring anything catastrophic.

Montgomery even hinted at wanting this on this week’s Bears All-Access when saying the following quote that should make Chicago Bears fans very happy:

While I’m here in Chicago, hopefully for my entire career, I want to be able to grow into that person that’s just reliable and gets the job done.”

It’s apparent what Montgomery wants in a perfect world. Unfortunately for David Montgomery and people around the globe, the world we live in isn’t perfect. With that, it’d be disappointing to see the Chicago Bears lose the life of their currently lackluster offense in David Montgomery.

Montgomery doubled down on his prior quote by saying:

I want to come to work every day and just help as much as I can, so I can be a [Chicago] Bear for the rest of my career.”

Again, this should make Chicago Bears fans happy, as it shows that Montgomery has high hopes of being a one-team player for his entire career.

Sure, this could be contract talk, as David Montgomery’s contract isn’t guaranteed for much longer. However, it’s in the Chicago Bears’ best interest to keep David Montgomery, as he’s the energy a team needs in an offensive leader: something the Chicago Bears hope they also have in Justin Fields.

Having a one-two punch in Justin Fields and David Montgomery for the next decade is something I can’t believe Bears fans would be too upset about.