Are Chicago Bears already talking to next General Manager

Chicago Bears (Photo by NFL Photos)
Chicago Bears (Photo by NFL Photos) /

Many were not sure whether the Chicago Bears would even fire Ryan Pace, but minutes after they did so, reports already came out that they were lining up potential interviews. This should not be a surprise to many, but it is worth noting that this particular candidate seems to be handpicked by a few helpers.

According to NBC Sports, the Chicago Bears are expected to interview Indianapolis Colts director of college scouting Morocco Brown. Brown started his career with the Chicago Bears from 2001-2007.

He spent time with Washington, during which he helped build the playoff team that Robert Griffin and Mike Shanahan led. Then, he was with Kyle Shanahan and the Cleveland Browns when the team saw Josh Gordon explode for a season.

Recently, he has been a right-hand man to Chris Ballard and the Indianapolis Colts.

Of course, the Chicago Bears will interview plenty of candidates, but Brown does stick out. First, he has ties to Chicago and started his front office career there.

Second, George McCaskey sought advice from Tony Dungy and Bill Polian when it came to deciding on the future of the franchise.

This is speculation, but Dungy and Polian are tied heavily to the Colts, and now a Colts front office member is the first name the Chicago Bears called. Beyond that, it notes that McCaskey has been working hard on diversity, and Morocco Brown checks that box as well.

It would make sense that Dungy and Polian would push for him and that McCaskey would be interested in him as well.

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He has a long track record with multiple organizations and has helped bring in some big-name talents along the way. It is too early to say front runner or next in line, but fans should definitely get familiar with the name Morocco Brown.