Could Bill Polian rekindle this relationship with Chicago Bears?

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are working with Bill Polian to find the right General Manager and Head coach for the team moving forward. Polian is old and has been out of the game for a while, but when you look at his track record, he has helped plenty of executives across the NFL and has great relationships throughout the league.

One of those names would be Vic Fangio. When the Denver Broncos fired Vic Fangio, many Chicago Bears fans wondered if they could bring back the great defensive coordinator. However, there were questions about how his last stay in Chicago went.

One person that may help with that is Bill Polian. Polian was the General Manager of the expansion Carolina Panthers in 1995. The name that he called to be his defensive coordinator was Vic Fangio.

When Polian moved to the Indianapolis Colts in 1998, he brought Fangio with him. To be fair, Polian also relieved Vic Fangio of his duties in 2001. However, from 1995-2001 Polian and Fangio had a strong working relationship.

It is not a lock fit, but it helps to have someone like Polian, who has hired Fangio twice in the search for a coach.

The most likely scenario for Fangio to come back to Chicago would have to be with Jim Harbaugh as the coach. Harbaugh and Fangio were a duo that took Colin Kaepernick to the Super Bowl and maybe looking at Justin Fields and thinking that they can do the same thing.

The chances that the Chicago Bears hire Vic Fangio is low, but Polian and Harbaugh having long relationships with Fangio certainly would help convince him to come back. If it were to happen, that would be the scenario.

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Many fans are annoyed by Bill Polian being so involved in the search, but when you look at his track record with coaches and front office members, he has a long Rolodex.