Ranking Chicago Bears 3 head coach finalists

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The Chicago Bears officially made their hire of Ryan Poles to be the next General Manager. Now, they will let Poles handle the head coach interviews himself. Reports are that Poles will start with three candidates tomorrow, but if Poles does not approve of any, he can go out and bring in his own candidates.

Still, that does mean that there are three strong candidates to start with and a real chance that Poles will hire one of these three to be the next head coach for the Bears. Who would be the best fit?

3. Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell would make sense mainly because he would do wonders for the development of Justin Fields. Whether it be Matt Stafford, Joe Flacco, or other quarterbacks, you can point to their best seasons being with Jim Caldwell.

There are a couple of questions with Caldwell, though. The first is that he is an older coach, at age 67, and this would be his third try as a coach. He may not have deserved to be fired from Detroit, but at that age, and on his third go-around, it is hard to say he is the most exciting hire.

Lastly, while Poles will make the decision, his involvement feels very tied to Bill Polian, who hired him to the Colts as an offensive coordinator, and head coach. Poles was brought in by Polian but was not someone that Polian pushed for. Going away from Caldwell would show that this was not something forced on Poles.