3 reasons to trust Ryan Poles as Chicago Bears General Manager

Chicago Bears (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears have made their General Manager decision official, hiring Ryan Poles, the executive director of player personnel for the Kansas City Chiefs. Poles wowed the team in their first meeting, and they did not let him leave the second interview without taking the job.

There are obvious reasons for the fanbase in Chicago to be nervous, and lack trust for a team that cannot make the right decisions. However, there are reasons to buy into Ryan Poles and what he could do as a General Manager.

3. Building the Offensive Line

One of the fatal flaws of Ryan Pace was his inability to build the offensive line. He leaned on his scouting and tried to make the most of the least in that area, and it failed him in a big way. There is plenty of reason to believe that Ryan Poles will not go down that path.

To start, Poles is an offensive lineman from Boston College. He appreciates the big uglies and obviously has an understanding of the position. He also knows he has to invest in the area.

If there is one thing that Kansas City has done well before and with Patrick Mahomes, it is their offensive line. From drafting Eric Fisher high to paying Mitchell Schwartz they relied on big-name tackles, and once those two got banged up, they reinvested in the line in a big way.

It should be no surprise if Poles is centered on building an offensive line.