Is this comment from Matt Eberflus presser being taken the wrong way?

Parker Hurley
Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Matt Eberflus brought intensity to his press conference. He set a tone of what type of leader he is going to be and what type of team he plans to coach. One comment that stood out to many in the media featured a moment when he told his players to get their track shoes on because they are running.

"We will play at a high tempo, a high effort, attacking, physical style, built upon speed, quickness and explosive athletic ability. We will carry ourselves with an attitude of energy, passion and intensity. We will play with maximum effort on every play. My next piece of advice for the players for sure is get your track shoes on, because we’re running.”"

Some in the media, as well as fans, took this to mean that Eberflus is going to be a hard-nosed disciplinarian. Questions came from there about whether the players would respect him because the tough guy routine only works when the winning is there. Otherwise, it can fall on deaf ears.

Giants fans were quick to point out that Joe Judge was known for making his players run, and run, and run, and that he failed miserably with the same style.

However, many seem to focus on the track shoe part, and not on the part before about speed and quickness and explosive athletic ability.

When Eberflus was later asked to explain how he thinks his message can get across, he made it more clear that the track shoes is not a punishment, but rather a style that the team will have. They are going to be built to play fast, and they are going to have track speed on their team.

Matt Eberflus pointed to Ryan Poles and said that the speed and track element is more his responsibility than Eberflus.

"“The speed and the explosive ability of the players we acquire will be as or more important than anything else.”"

So, yes, Eberflus is going to have a team that runs. However, he is talking about running you off of the field and out of the stadium. He is talking about adding track speed and having track speed stand out as the stars of the team.

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Fans complained often about the lack of explosion that Chicago has right now. That is what Eberflus is talking about much more than he is saying that is going to come in and crack whips and try to build a stigma as a tough guy.