The Chicago Bears should consider trading for this underrated WR

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The Chicago Bears should consider this Brandin Cooks trade if needed

It is quite possible that Houston decides not to move on from Brandin Cooks. Remember, as of now, these are all just rumors based on speculation or talks that a source had or overheard. There is still time for the team to decide to keep Cooks rather sending him on his way. He is due $16.2 million this season and the team might find that a bit steep for a guy who probably won’t be on the team in 2023.

If the first trade does not work as planned, then Ryan Poles should come back to Texans with what I would consider a “final offer.”

In this scenario, Ryan Poles will acquire Brandin Cooks, but won’t be giving up any picks in total. Swapping the Bears’ second-round pick (39th overall) might seem a bit much for Brandin Cooks, but let’s not forget that Cooks has reached 1,000+ yards receiving in six of his eight seasons in the NFL. In his rookie year, he only reached 550 yards and in 2019 he struggled and finished with only 583 yards. That struggle was clearly more to do with Jared Goff throwing him the ball.

We just saw Cooks crack 1,000 yards playing in Houston with rookie QB Davis Mills and Tyrod Taylor throwing him the football. Paring him up with Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney would be a great recipe for success in my opinion. The team can find size elsewhere in free agency or the draft.

In this scenario, the Chicago Bears are not losing any picks either. This would be a complete swap of two picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and another two swapped in the 2023 NFL Draft. By giving up the second-round pick, it might be tough to swallow, but having two third-rounders wouldn’t be too bad either.

Let me recap by saying once again, that a trade like this should only happen if the free agent landscape changes drastically. With the current roster, the Bears need to sign at least two free agent WRs — one who is worth north of $12 million per year — and also draft another. By the way, Cooks would cost $12.5 million for any team that trades for him.

Who the Bears sign will depend on where in the draft they should select a receiver. With no one available, trading for Cooks could be an option, while adding a veteran on a cheap deal. Trading for Cooks with the second-round pick will limit their WR options, but this is a fairly deep WR class.