5 veteran players the Chicago Bears can do without in 2022

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Right about now is the time you will start to see plenty of NFL teams making some personnel decisions as free agency gets set to kick off in just about two weeks. For the Chicago Bears, the moves could begin coming any day now.

Other teams have already begun making some cuts in preparation for the impending free agency period. The Bears, meanwhile, have not made any notable moves just yet.

But, they are coming. New general manager Ryan Poles will undoubtedly want to re-work this roster with guys that he sees fit, not only for this year but hopefully for the long haul.

With new head coach Matt Eberflus in place, the Bears are now focused on speed, above many other attributes. The Bears want to get faster and quicker, and there are some players who won’t end up fitting that mold. There are also some players who simply won’t stick around because of monetary issues.

The Chicago Bears have several players on their current roster they could do without for 2022 and beyond

Poles only has five draft picks, as of right now, to work with in the 2022 NFL Draft. Most believe he will try to find ways to add additional picks, but that’s the reality right now.

So, the other avenue to find talent is going to be in free agency. The Bears could potentially save another big chunk of money if they were to cut ties with some veteran players.

The Bears also have some decisions to make on free agents of their own. Which of their own guys should they let walk? That will be another important question Poles must answer in the coming weeks.

When looking at this roster, there are a definitive five players the Bears could do without going forward, though. Let’s start it out with a linebacker who could save the Bears a little cash.