3 Houston Texans cut candidates who could fit Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports /
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As the Chicago Bears get ready for free agents they will be looking at players already available. However, they also have to be prepared for some players that will get released from the team they currently are on. One team to keep an eye on is the Houston Texans.

Who are players on the Houston Texans that may be getting released over the next couple of weeks?

3. Could Houston Texans release Brandin Cooks?

There are already rumors involving Brandin Cooks, and the Texans shopping him in the trade market. However, most teams would be wise to let the situation play out because there is a great chance that they will release Cooks if they do not get a strong offer.

The Texans would save $13.7M if they move on from Cooks. A team could trade for Cooks and take on that contract, or they could wait for the Texans to release Cooks, knowing that they will want to save that money. Then, it could become down to best bidder.

Most likely, Cooks would have to sign for less than $13 million. At that price, the Chicago Bears should be interested.

The biggest area in which Cooks wins is deep down the field with his speed. Justin Fields is one the best deep passers in the NFL already based on his rookie season. The fit is strong, and if the money is right, this is a situation the Chicago Bears have to keep their eyes on.

The question will be whether a team jumps off and offers to take on the contract, or if every team is willing to wait it out and see if the Texans release Cooks, which they likely will.