10 best realistic free agent targets for Chicago Bears

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8. Emmanuel Sanders could be a leader in Chicago Bears WR room

If you have not seen the depth chart, the Chicago Bears need a wide receiver in the worst way. They need to completely rebuild the room, and someone who could help with the transformation is Emmanuel Sanders. If Sanders were in his prime, fans would be screaming to make it happen, but now some will give pause.

However, with the age comes to a salary that is expected to max out at $5M, and for that, the Chicago Bears could surely do worse. The reason that Sanders has been in the NFL for so long is his work ethic.

You can see it in the way that he plays that his route running and understanding of leverage and how to turn defensive backs around is what carries him. Beyond that, he knows his role and how to be a team player.

He signed onto a Buffalo team last season that had a room featuring Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, and Gabe Davis. He did not fuss for targets, and some games had big plays, while others was a decoy. He remained a team player and was there to help a young guy like Davis take steps forward.

The Chicago Bears could use Sanders in a leadership role as a number four wideout for what should be a young room. One reason to think that Sanders could be interested in the signing is that the Bears wide receiver coach was the long-time receiver coach he had in Denver.

When Tyke Tolbert left, that is when Sanders started to think it was time for him to move on. Sanders could finish his career helping Tolbert get a young group of wide receivers off on the right foot, and emulating his work ethic, and the work ethic that Tolbert instilled in him.