3 Teams that could trade for Chicago Bears quarterback, Nick Foles

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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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The Colts could trade for Chicago Bears quarterback, Nick Foles

If you are looking for connections, the Indianapolis Colts has one of the biggest ones. Frank Reich was the quarterbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles when the team won in 2017. This was the MVP-type season that Carson Wentz had before suffering an injury and handing the ball over to Nick Foles to finish the season and help lead the Eagles to the Lombardi Trophy.

Now, Reich is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Last year, the Colts made the mistake of trading for Wentz from the Eagles. The Colts had a decent season but fell short as the team struggled and lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the final game of the year. Had they won that game, the Colts would have made the playoffs. Instead of a 10-7 season, they finished 9-8 and watched the playoffs from their couches at home.

To land Wentz, the Colts had to send their 2022 first-round pick to the Eagles last year. They somewhat made up for it though by sending Wentz to Washington for a 2022 second-round pick, 2022 third-round pick and conditional 2023 third-round pick. The Colts then flipped their original third-round pick this year for Matt Ryan. That is a big upgrade obviously, but behind Ryan are Sam Ehlinger and James Morgan. Frank Reich could use a true, veteran

Why not take a shot at reuniting with the other quarterback he had on that 2017 Super Bowl team? The Colts still have seven picks despite not having a first-rounder. They have a sixth-rounder (216) and a seventh-rounder (239). One of those picks would easily get the trade done, but as Bears fans, we would obviously hope it’s the sixth-rounder. Either way, we should all be happy if Ryan Poles can make one of these three trades happen. Start making calls now.