Should Chicago Bears double up on WRs in 2022 NFL draft?

Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears will be drafting a wide receiver, the question is when they will do it. It also may be how often do they do it? If there were any positions that the team could rightfully draft twice in the 2022 NFL draft, it would be at wide receiver.

The team has needs across the board, but none need new blood quite like a wideout. The issue is that by picking at 39th, the team is going to miss the tier of the top five, and possibly more wide receivers.

At that premium pick, it also may be their last chance to draft from a tier of offensive lineman that could start as rookies. It is easier to see them passing on wideout at 39 than the offensive line.

With that in mind, they may be best off taking a wide receiver in the third round. While they could knock that pick out of the park, the odds of a third-round pick making a big difference in the room as a rookie is farfetched.

So, the team may have drafted for the spot, but not filled the need after three rounds. That could put them into a day three spot where they are looking to double up at wideout.

Their third-round pick could be in the starting three with Byron Pringle and Darnell Mooney. The day three pic would be competing to be the fourth wideout with guys such as Equanimious St. Brown, and David Moore. The depth of this draft makes it easy to think that someone from day three could compete with these names for that role.

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The reputation of St. Brown and Moore can add to the fact that a day three pick could step into the mix for WR4 snaps. Either way, St. Brown, Moore, and a rookie provide enough depth in the 4-6 to finally complete the room.