Did Mitch Trubisky get Mike Glennon treatment from Pittsburgh Steelers?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

When the Chicago Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky it was part a shocker because the team just paid Mike Glennon and had talked him up to be their starting quarterback. Of course, we know that the offseason is peak lying season and we saw the Bears’ true intentions on draft day. In a weird twist of fate, Trubisky went from the guy who ruined Mike Glennon’s introduction to Chicago to the guy in Glennon’s shoes.

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Trubisky on the first day of free agency and all indications were that he had a great chance to be the team’s starting quarterback, and the first to potentially replace Ben Roethlisberger.

Like Glennon, the dream was alive for a bit but died slowly on draft night when the team drafted Kenny Pickett. Pickett will compete with Trubisky, but Trubisky has to be feeling just like Glennon did back then.

While the move is very similar, there are a few differences. The first one is the contract. Mike Glennon signed on for three years and $45M. That kind of money made you believe that he was starting.

Mitch Trubisky signed on for two years and $14M. When you consider that this is five years later, the salary cap went up, and quarterback contracts exploded in recent years and you can say that Trubisky got a small fraction of what Glennon got years ago.

Beyond that, while the Chicago Bears had a number three pick, they even traded up to number two In the hopes to get Trubisky. The Steelers sat at 20 and saw the top quarterback in the draft fall to them.

Perhaps if Pickett goes top 10 the Steelers stay true to Willis. Either way, the team did not lose any draft picks and spent far less money on Trubisky than the Bears did with Glennon. The smokescreen worked all the same as the Steelers got their guy.

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While it is not the exact same situation, Mitch Trubisky surely does not think the differences are vast. He has to be feeling his Glennon who may only get a couple of chances to start before being yanked.