Examining changes to Chicago Bears Edge Rusher depth chart

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The Chicago Bears have made significant changes to their depth chart in just one off-season. Admittedly this offseason has been more about tearing the roster down than it has been building it up but there has been changes nonetheless. Last year at this time we did a Post OTA depth chart.

When looking at the edge rusher version from a year ago, we saw the following names.

Khalil Mack (traded to LAC)

Robert Quinn

Jeremiah Attaochu

Trevis Gipson

James Vaughters (FA signed with ATL)

Charles Snowden

Ledarius Mack (released with injury designation)

The names in bold are still with the Chicago Bears. This position actually has more leftovers than any of the offensive positions. The team moved on from the Mack brothers for various reasons and James Vaughters joined a long list of depth Bears to follow Ryan Pace to Atlanta.

Still, with four names staying, the team did not have to make as many drastic changes, and that may have opened up the door to knowing Mack could be traded.

Now, what does the depth chart look like a year later?

Chicago Bears Edge Rusher Depth Chart

1. Robert Quinn

Quinn went from a huge question mark last year at this time to the only piece of stability on the line. Coming off an 18.5 sack season there is a question of if he will come back down to earth, and if the Bears should sell high. That is on the table, but they will not get as much for him as Mack, they will not save as much, and they could use some talent on the roster.

2. Al-Quadin Muhammad (FA)

Al-Quadin Muhammad is coming over from the Colts so you know that he Is in the good graces of the coaches. He also played more snaps last season than Trevis Gipson has in his entire career, so he will open up camp sessions as the start across from Quinn.

3. Trevis Gipson

Gipson showed enough in his limited time last season that the Bears did move on from Khalil Mack. Still, he is changing schemes and will be competing for starting snaps.

4. Jeremiah Attaochu

Last year at this time Gipson was behind Attochu, but the two eventually flipped. Now, there is a question of whether Attochu is even a good fit with this scheme. Both Gipson and Quinn may be better in the 4-3 than 3-4, but Attaochu has played in the Vic Fangio type defenses most of his career.

5. Dominique Robinson (Draft)

If the Chicago Bears see enough from Robinson to push him ahead of Attoachu they will be afraid to do it. Still, at the moment this is a player with two years of experience, one shortened due to COVID, and both in the MAC. He has ways to go.

6. Charles Snowden

Snowden stuck around the practice squad and is a UDFA favorite of some fans. Still, he is a leftover from the old regime and is a bit of a tweener in this defense.

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7. Carson Taylor (UDFA)

Carson Taylor is the new regimes UDFA, and a player we highlighted this offseason. Fans probably like Snowden because they know more about him, but they may be hoping Taylor sticks around on the practice squad this summer.