Trevis Gipson advanced stats with Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears moved on from Khalil Mack in part because they are confident in what they have seen from Trevis Gipson. Gipson is a fifth-round pick entering his third NFL season so the monetary difference is not even close, but beyond that, there were questions of just how much more effective was Mack than Gipson when healthy?

Gipson subbed in for the injured Mack, so he spent 81.3% of his snaps squaring off against right tackles. How did he fare in these scenarios?

Trevis Gipson advanced stats with Chicago Bears

Last season Gipson had an 11.9 pass-rush productivity rating, per PFF. This ranked him 16th amongst 120 qualified edge rushers. In comparison, Khalil Mack was at 13.4. However, for the past two years he was at 10.9, ad 10, and this year he lost the most time due to injury, so perhaps on a larger sample, it is closer to his 2020 and 2019 numbers.

Trevis Gipson also had a pass rush win rate of 15.3%. This is the percent of times he beat his man in two seconds or less, regardless of the recorded pressure. This is a bit lower for Gipson, who ranks 52nd. Khalil Mack was at 26.8 last season and has consistently been ahead of Gipson’s rate the past three seasons.

Gipson has two batted passes, which ranks him 24th in this group.

Lastly, Gipson had his issues as a run defender. He recorded a 4.8% run stop rate, which has him 84th out of 120 qualified defenders. This comes with a 12% missed tackle rate, which has him 68th in tackle efficiency. Fortunately for the Bears, Mack was at 4.1% last season and had a missed tackle rate of 25%. This is obviously a drop-off from Gipson and the first area where we see a potential upgrade. Mack had often been good against the run, but last season was a distinct drop-off.

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Obviously, no one thinks that Gipson will step in and be better than Mack. Still, the Bears were able to clear the salary of Mack, and Dominique Robinson and Al-Quadin Muhammad now have depth behind Quinn and Gipson. The cost of Gipson, Robinson, and Muhammad still is not close to Mack, so with the additions of depth, and the difference in drop-off not being substantial, it is understandable why the team would give Gipson a chance in 2022.