The new Chicago Bears regime sees another bump in their offseason

Chicago Bears - Syndication: The Indianapolis Star
Chicago Bears - Syndication: The Indianapolis Star /

I am sure my memory is not correct on this one, but it sure as hell seems that the new Chicago Bears regime has seen more arrests this offseason than the entire seven years Ryan Pace was in charge. The only one that comes to mind off the top of my head is Ray McDonald. With Byron Pringle arrested a couple of months ago and now Matt Adams being arrested this past week, are Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus failing in the discipline department?

Recency bias is real my friends. My memory was definitely not working as I was able to determine the Chicago Bears had four players arrested during that seven-year span — McDonald (2015), Tim Jennings (2015), Deiondre Hall (2017) and Mario Edwards (2020). I know it’s early, and having two arrests under their belt in the first offseason doesn’t look great, but as you can see, Pace had the same situation.

What was crazier to me was how many arrests took place under Marc Trestman and Phil Emery. Those two lost the locker room early and only lasted two seasons. During those two seasons, the team saw seven arrests. Yikes.

Chicago Bears linebacker, Matt Adams was arrested for firearm possession

Now, Byron Pringle was arrested for doing donuts in his car on a public street with a minor in the vehicle. This is not quite the same as what took place with Matt Adams. Adams followed Matt Eberflus here from Indianapolis. He was to be mostly a special teams player with the smallest of chances to play linebacker. Well, Matt Adams was arrested and charged with misdemeanor firearm possession.

Adams was also cited for having possession of a high-capacity magazine and metal-piercing bullets. The Chicago Bears released a statement:

"We were made aware of the arrest Friday morning and are gathering information. We will refrain from making any further comment at this time.”"

We saw Byron Pringle retained, now it will be interesting to see what happens regarding Adams. Adams is not viewed as a very high valuable player when compared to Pringle. Will Chicago release him for this infringement? Only time will tell, I guess.

This brings us back to the original thought here. With two arrests this offseason, many fans questioning if the team gave Justin Fields enough on offense, and then the Larry Ogunjobi mishap, is the regime seeing some rookie mistakes? This could definitely be considered another bump in the road and we just need to hope these little mistakes don’t turn into anything bigger.