10 worst Chicago Bears draft picks of Ryan Pace era

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Yesterday we looked at some of the best, and now we look at the worst that was Ryan Pace. Let’s be honest, most of you Chicago Bears fans are more excited to give Pace crap for his worst than to remember that he did have some hits.

So, to satisfy the urge, here is one last tribute, the worst that Ryan Pace did to the Chicago Bears through the draft. This will be focusing on the draft pick invested in them, and what they could have had in retrospect, so the seventh-rounders like Daniel Braverman were not quite high enough of a quality asset to make the list.

10. Deiondre Hall, 127

Deiondre Hall was a fourth-round pick that Ryan Pace acquired from the New England Patriots for Martellus Bennett. For a fourth-round pick, it is hard to ding Hall too much, but he only last with the Chicago Bears for two seasons and was out of the NFL by training camp of the 2020 season.

Hall had some positive momentum as a rookie in 2016, but an injury in 2017 ended his season before it started. An offseason suspension in the following offseason led to the team trading him for a seventh-round pick. Perhaps if Pace turned that pick into something more we could remember Hall more fondly, but it was for Kerrith Whyte, who essentially was only around long enough to finish up the rookie contract that Hall was on.

Getting just Hall for Bennett and turning that into Whyte was a bad use of resources in the long run, even as a sixth-round pick. It is amusing to see that DeAndre Houston-Carson is a player that Pace took in that exact same draft, 58 picks later, and is still on the roster.

Other notable names taken after Hall include Blake Martinez, Dak Prescott, and Matt Judon.

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