Ranking Chicago Bears cuts most likely to return to practice squad

May 7, 2022; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears defensive tackle Micah Dew-Treadway (98) stretches during team's rookie minicamp at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
May 7, 2022; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears defensive tackle Micah Dew-Treadway (98) stretches during team's rookie minicamp at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears cut 27 players to get their roster from 80 to 53.  However, today you will see moving and shaking again within the 53-man roster. Beyond that, teams are going to be adding players back to the practice squad.

With 16 PS spots, there really could only be 11 players who were cut yesterday that were not coming back. Tavon Young was placed on the IR, so he is done for the season.

Beyond Tavon Young, how would the other 26 players rank in likelihood to return to Chicago?

Ranking Chicago Bears practice squad candidates

26. Corey Dublin 

The Bears signed Dublin because Doug Kramer went to the IR, and they needed all the snaps that they could find at center. With that in mind, his stay is probably over.

25. Mario Edwards 

Edwards is a veteran who could likely find a job elsewhere. He also has no allegiances to the coaching staff or front office.

24. Charles Snowden  

Charles Snowden is another player from a different regime, which has impacted his chances of returning. He may want to find a different situation, and the Chicago Bears may not be too sad to see him go.

23. Darrynton Evans

In the case of Evans, they may circle back and re-sign him when they place N’Keal Harry on the IR. If not, he is a third-year player who was only here because he was claimed on waivers. There may be interest elsewhere.

22. Michael Schofield  

The team saw what Schofield could do and decided to look another way, which should tell you what you need to know about how much they want him to return.

21. Jon Alexander 

The team actually cut Alexander twice this summer, bringing him back once after injuries at linebacker. Still, it shows they view him more as a camp player than an investment.

20. Kevin Shaa 

Kevin Shaa really only has return game ability going for him, and it is hard to say that is enough on this depth chart with plenty of return game options.

19. Lachavious Simmons 

Simmons can play guard and tackle, which is why they may keep him. However, he is not a Ryan Poles player, and may look to catch on somewhere else.

18. Nsimba Webster

The Chicago Bears seem to value Webster, and the Bears beat thinks he will be back on the PS. However, he is a veteran who was brought in by Ryan Pace, and may not want to spend a year on this teams practice squad.

17. Thomas Graham 

With the injury of Graham, you thought that he would be placed on IR. The Bears letting him go may have shown that they do not expect him to circle back, and Graham wants a fresh start.

16. Shon Coleman 

The only thing keeping Coleman off of the PS would be him showing enough in the preseason that a desperate team is willing to keep him on their active roster.

15. Chris Finke  

Finke was brought in by Ryan Poles, and the team is going to need depth at wide receiver, so it makes sense that he would crack the top 16.

14. Dieter Eiselen

Eiselen would be higher, but he may want a different team to catch on with. The Bears had him playing center, which he had never done, and he is a player that Ryan Pace brought him. He may want to land on a team at guard, and with a GM who wants him at guard.

13. Davontae Harris 

Harris got plenty of chances to make the team and could be a call-up if injuries were to occur.

12. Greg Stroman 

Greg Stroman tried to make the roster during the last preseason game, but weeks of not being active before that hurt him. He could still himself making the roster with a few healthy PS weeks, though.

11. De’Montre Tuggle 

Tuggle is more likely to stick around here than Darrynton Evans, mainly because of the disparity in interest.

10. Isaiah Coulter 

Isaiah Coulter had an excellent preseason. He is a do-everything wideout, while Shaa and Webster are return-men, and Finke is a slot option.

9. Trevon Coley 

Trevon Coley was close to making the roster, and could be one to circle back after the N’Keal Harry news. Either way, he should be here for a bit longer on the PS.

8. James O’Shaughnessy 

James O’Shaughnessy was one of the big shocks of the initial cutdown day, and he may be one of the players that does circle back to the 53 when things are said and done. Still, at the very least he provides depth at tight end behind Jake Tonges, a UDFA rookie.

7. Sam Kamara

Sam Kamara had an excellent preseason and was right on the roster border. The only thing that would hurt Chicago bringing him back would be if he were claimed by another team.

6. Chase Allen 

Chase Allen was a player who almost made the 53-man roster as a rookie UDFA. Not many teams can afford to add that type of inexperienced player to their active roster at tight end, so he will surely circle back.

5. Jean Delance 

The Chicago Bears only gave Delance nine snaps in the preseason, a clear sign that they expect him to redshirt this year, and learn on the PS.

4. Nathan Peterman 

Nathan Peterman is a lock to return as the third QB and someone that they want in the meeting room.

3. AJ Thomas 

AJ Thomas excelled on special teams but was the sixth safety on the roster. Still, a rookie UDFA without much attention will surely circle back.

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2. Demarquis Gates 

Gates went from the AAF to XFL to the USFL before catching on with Chicago. Teams will like his story but know that he is more of a project than his preseason highlights suggest.

1. Micah Dew-Treadway 

The Chicago Bears invested in this UDFA and should see the payoff soon enough. He has been the top UDFA to not make the team and they should have no issues bringing him back.