Grading Chicago Bears rookies through quarter mark

Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears are officially through with the first quarter of the NFL season. While this is just the start, it is a good chance to see which rookies are making a name for themselves, and which ones have not made any impact.

In another month we can see how the Chicago Bears rookies have grown from the quarter point to halfway through the season.

Grading Chicago Bears rookies

Kyler Gordon: D

Some fans would think I am being too lenient and would give him an F. Most rookie cornerbacks get picked on early into their careers. Beyond that, Kyler Gordon missed time this offseason and moved into the slot full-time, something he did not do at Washington. With that in mind, we are cutting a little slack, but he currently leads the NFL in yards allowed, so the start has been bad.

Jaquan Brisker: B+

Fans probably want Brisker to be higher graded, and Gordon to be a lower grade. Still, while Brisker has been reliable, he is just missing the extra oomph to make this an easy A. He has seven missed tackles this season, and angles have been an issue at times.

Still, at the same time, a lot of that comes from him being around the ball so often, which is a positive.

Velus Jones: C-

Velus Jones missed the first three weeks with a hamstring injury, so it is hard to ding him too much. He did not play on offense, although they may be easing him in after his missed time. Still, a fumble punt return takes him from an incomplete grade to one that is just barely hovering over a D. He has plenty of time to improve things.

Braxton Jones: B

If you are grading on a curve, Braxton Jones is an easy A. He won a starting tackle job as a fifth-round rookie. Still, it is not like he had real competition, and he has had plenty of ups and downs so far. Per PFF, he is top ten in pressures allowed. So, starting at this point is an A performance, but compared to veterans and other NFL players he has been up and down, settling him into a B.

Dominique Robinson: B

This is another one where fans may think I am being too hard. Robinson has been everything the team could ask for and more as a pass rusher. He has lined up inside, and for his draft slot, he has gotten on the field plenty more than expected.

At the same time, we saw the rawness of his ability when the New York Giants ran all over the Bears, especially when Robinson was in the game. He has to learn to play more aware as a run defender because teams are going to start to pick on him.

Zachary Thomas: F

Zachary Thomas has been the biggest disappointment so far this season. He struggled to beat out Lachavious Simmons in a competition and has been on the practice squad after getting released this summer. His ability to clear waivers says what you need to know about his preseason.

Trestan Ebner: B-

Ebner had been the kick return starter before Velus Jones came back. He also has 13 rushes for 43 yards, mostly coming into play for the injured David Montgomery. Still getting this work early has been good, and his speed has shown at moments.

Doug Kramer: INC

Kramer played one preseason game and his season ended.

Ja’Tyre Carter: D

Ja’Tyre Carter made the roster but has been inactive every game so far this season.

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Elijah Hicks: C

Elijah Hicks has been a special team’s asset. Making the roster is a good positive so far, and he has been active over Dane Cruikshank, although injury has been a factor in that.

Trenton Gill: A

It Is hard to say you wanted more from a seventh-round punter than what Gill has given the Chicago Bears.