Film Review: Teven Jenkins two full starts with Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Teven Jenkins has played the majority of the snaps on offense for the Chicago Bears this season, but the last two weeks really feel like the time that he has owned the position. With Lucas Patrick moving to left guard, the team has given Jenkins full games at right guard, rather than the 50/50 split that had been going on.

So, now that Jenkins is no longer going in and out and struggling to find a groove, what have we seen from the second-year tackle out of Oklahoma State?

Teven Jenkins Chicago Bears Film Review

We start with some run game work. Jenkins burst off the ball and initially helps the center gets a push. After he gets a couple of steps and the interior clears the hole, Jenkins starts to work into the second level. He gets his hands on the linebacker who comes flying in from the right.

The linebacker to his left made the play, but Jenkins helped clear the initial yardage, and his block at the second level could have helped spring the run.

In this next play, he works to the second level with even more success. Jenkins gets a quick push to help the center and then he is in space. He picks up the linebacker and shuffles down the field as he seals the crease for David Montgomery. This is excellent.

Teven Jenkins takes the defensive lineman for a ride on the play below. The lineman is shooting a gap to the left of Jenkins and Jenkins takes his momentum and rides it. He pushes the lineman all of the ways out of the screen.

The play was not much of a success, but the Chicago Bears have to love that Jenkins is consistently moving his legs and working into the second level, whether coming off of a help block or taking his man with him.

This is an even more impressive play. He sees number 52 at the second level. This requires him to get out in space and find the athlete right off of the snap. He does a great job of engaging with him, and you can see that as the run finishes, 52 is standing upright and is still getting walked backwards. This was a great combination of power, and athletic upside to get to the second level and make that play.

On the last run snap we will show, he gets to the second level when running across the field to help a stretch play to the left side. He picks up the linebacker, and once again you can see that once the two engage, Teven Jenkins is not going to lose his man.

He rides the linebacker deep into the second level and finishes off this run-blocking rep.

In pass protection, he is lined up against Za’Darius Smith below. Smith is usually on the edge, but for a former tackle prospect, these are the names he was expected to see.

Smith gets him early and walks him back a few steps, getting into his chest. However, Jenkins finds his footing and winds up turning Smith into another Vikings lineman and eventually into the ground.

The protection winds up clearing the right side, and Justin Fields took off to that side for a scramble.

The Vikings tried to test Jenkins below, and he passed with flying colors. They lined Danielle Hunter up over him, with Za’Darius Smith outside. However, Hunter showed that he was rushing and then dropped back into coverage.

Then, Smith went from the tackle to the guard, and the linebacker came blitzing to the right tackle side. Teven Jenkins shows excellent patience here. The Chicago Bears lineman sits back and does not attack Hunter, which allows him to read the play.

Once he sees Hunter drop his head shoots to his right and he picks up the blitzing Smith right in time. This is excellent awareness and a great rep.

Below, he gets some help from the center but eventually rides Dalvin Tomlinson into the ground. Sam Mustipher gave a little shove, and that was all Jenkins needs to get physical with him like a bully. This is the style of play you expected when the Chicago Bears drafted him, and as we showed, he helped Mustipher plenty in the run game.

This is another play where the Chicago Bears will have to praise his awareness. He immediately looks up and sees that 94 takes a step left closer to the center, so he starts looking for work. He looks to 52 but sees that 52 is not engaging and is backing off in coverage.

So, he goes to his third read and helps Larry Borom finish off the edge rusher. This is exactly how you want to see Jenkins process, find work, and finish plays.

Negative plays from Teven Jenkins with Chicago Bears

Of course, this cannot be all propaganda for Teven Jenkins, although it is fair to say that he has more positives than negatives.

Below, he tries to engage with 97, Harrison Phillips. Phillips is able to beat him clean with hand fighting and smacks his arms away, He then pushes Jenkins out of the play and makes a tackle in the backfield.

Below, Washington blitzes at Jenkins. He does a nice job at first against 97, getting hands on him, but noticing that he is shifting inside. So, Jenkins passes him off.

However, the linebacker is flying inside and has a good bend, which causes him to get around Jenkins. This is a tough play, but if anything may show us why Jenkins is better at guard than tackle.

In a box, he is a bully, but if you have the speed and bend, you can get around Jenkins. That just rarely happens at guard.

Lastly is a play that he got called for holding, negating a Justin Fields scramble. Jenkins started to hold his own, but when Tomlinson made a quick jump to the inside, he struggled to keep himself. When Fields took off from the pocket the lineman darted after him, and Jenkins was not ready for that.

It is hard to say if Tomlinson would have caught Fields or not, so the hold was probably warranted. Still, it shows some of the few downsides snaps that Jenkins took over the past two weeks.

Overall, it is hard not to be impressed with Teven Jenkins. He is a physical player who looks for work. Some of his best plays are getting into the second level and helping runs break out. Beyond that, he has shown great awareness and understanding in pass protection.

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There are a few flaws in his game, and the tape may be showing why he is better at guard than tackle. Still, if the Chicago Bears found their right guard of the future they have to be very happy. While there are questions at most other offensive line spots, the Chicago Bears should not be questioning their right guard.