Chicago Bears All-22 Film Breakdown: Grading Justin Fields vs Commanders

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Dealing with a sick wife and son is never easy. Although I had time to finally watch the All-22 on Thursday, it took me this long to put the rest of my breakdown on Justin Fields down on “paper.” I put out my grading of Braxton Jones yesterday and had hoped that this breakdown would also be finalized yesterday. A household of three children with whom one is sick is never easy. Now, add in my wife and welp, there has not been as much time for me to cover the Chicago Bears as I’d like.

That said, it is time to get down to business. That time is after midnight, but a guy has to do what a guy has to do, right? I haven’t been able to publish either of my podcast episodes this week either. I’m sure by now you have seen plenty of the other All-22 breakdowns of Justin Fields. Tim Jenkins, Trent Dilfer and Kurt Warner have all shared their thoughts on Justin Fields’ performance vs the Commanders. I’m going to touch on a few specifics and share my grade.

How did Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields play vs the Commanders?

As previously discussed in my prior breakdown, I have created my own grading system. The scale looks like this:

"85+ = Elite 75 to 84 = Above Average 65 to 74 = Average 55 to 64 = Below Average >55 = Backup or Worse"

When Justin Fields played vs the Vikings, he finished with only 208 yards passing. However, he completed more than 71% of his passes and threw a touchdown without any interceptions. He finished the game with a 118.7 quarterback rating. He also ran for nearly 50 yards. If you listen to my podcast (The Halas Huddle), you’ll know that I gave him a grade of 74. I had him in the “above average” range at that time, but have since adjusted my grading scale. He now is at the top of the “average” range for that particular game.

Let’s take a look at how he did vs the Commanders though.