The Chicago Bears skyrocket as the Packers plummet

Chicago Bears - Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports /

Power rankings can be fun even if they mean absolutely nothing. When we look at power rankings I prefer a consensus ranking to just one person’s opinion. However, whenever we can kick the Green Bay Packers while they are down, it makes sports life that much more enjoyable. This is what is happening here as the Chicago Bears skyrocket and the Packers plummet in the NFL Week 8 power rankings.

The Packers are coming off a three-game slide where they lost to the New York Jets, New York Giants and Washington Commanders. The Chicago Bears and Packers are currently tied with a 3-4 record. Although not many people thought the Bears would amount to anything, not many saw the Packers struggling this badly.

Heading into Week 7, the Chicago Bears found themselves ranked 29th, while the Packers were ranked 15th. Now, the two teams are only four spots apart as the teams prepare for Week 8.

The Chicago Bears shoot up rankings while the Packers fall hard

That’s right, the Chicago Bears moved up from 29th to 23rd after their impressive win over the New England Patriots. A quote about the Bears from the rankings says it all.

"Bears back? Maybe"

It’s too soon to think that is the case as the Bears head to Dallas to face an even more difficult opponent in the Cowboys. The Packers are likely to find themselves in the loss column too though as they face arguably the best team in the NFL — the Buffalo Bills. If I had to give one of these two teams a legit shot at winning this week, it has to be the Bears.

There is finger-pointing going on up north and it’s fun to see. Matt LaFleur is struggling with play calling while Aaron Rodgers has looked pedestrian all season. If only they still had Davante Adams.

Again, there is nothing of substance to these rankings and I’m not looking to overreact. In fact, ESPN has the Chicago Bears ranked 28th still and the Packers ranked 16th. As we watch our favorite team rebuild, let’s all relish in the downfall we are witnessing of the Packers. It’s fun to point out, even in these pointless rankings.