4 major shifts Chicago Bears OC Luke Getsy made to help Justin Fields

Chicago Bears (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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1. Chicago Bears have increasing screens, and the wide receiver runs

Luke Getsy wants to get the ball in his wide receiver’s hands. It gives Justin Fields a few layups, which helps because he is a three-point shooter. It also helps with guys like N’Keal Harry, and Chase Claypool, who weigh over 220 pounds and can break tackles.

So, the Chicago Bears have ran more screens. They are up from 16.4% to 21.1%, according to PFF. Beyond that, they have made it even easier and just handed the ball to the wide receivers more often. They had five handoffs to wide receivers for 51 yards in the first six games. Over the past three, they have six rushes for 75 when handing to the wide receivers.

This is an obvious improvement, and when you consider it was a strength for Chase Claypool in Pittsburgh, as well as N’Keal Harry in New England, it will only continue for both in Chicago.

The screens are key to keeping the defense honest and helping Justin Fields as a deep passer. The wide receive runs help the running backs, but also make it easier to roll Justin Fields out. When Fields runs play action up the gut, a wide receiver is running left on jet motion, and Fields now has the ball rolling right eyes are all over the place, and life gets easier for Justin Fields.

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You have already seen the effects of this, and it should only grow as Getsy gets more comfortable. Chicago Bears fans have to be excited about the way their offensive coordinator is trending.