Evidence released that the Chicago Bears were cheated vs the Dolphins

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears lost a shootout to the Dolphins in Week 9. Justin Fields was setting records and finished as the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. He gained a total of 301 yards and scored four touchdowns to earn that honor. Toward the end of the game, the officials made two critical errors that essentially helped the Dolphins leave Chicago with a victory.

The first error was when they called pass interference on Chicago Bears’ safety, Eddie Jackson. The call helped the Dolphins add points to their lead. Eddie Jackson never made contact in a way that equates to pass interference. Instead, he turned his head and was looking to make an attempt at the football when Jaylen Waddle came back and tried to jump through Jackson. It seems like an easy no-call but Jackson has equal rights to the ball.

To basically end the game, Justin Fields threw a beautiful jump ball down the left sideline to Chase Claypool. The referees screwed up again by not throwing a flag. This is crazy to me as it was very obvious that cornerback Keion Crossen wrapped up Claypool’s waist and pulled him backward. The ball was thrown perfectly and Claypool would have likely come down with it had he not been grabbed. The play would have resulted in a first down and inside Cairo Santos’ field goal range — a field goal that could have tied the game with little time left.

Instead, a penalty was not called, it caused the Bears to be in a fourth-down situation, and although Justin Fields threw another perfect ball, Equanimeous St. Brown dropped it. Fields, as the good leader he has become, made sure St. Brown kept his head up. That was the end of the game as the Dolphins were able to run out the clock by taking a knee. Had the penalty gone in the Bears’ favor, it’s likely that the Bears would have at least tied it in hopes to send the game into overtime.

Well, today the NFL announced that the officials did make a mistake. They reported that based on the video evidence, Eddie Jackson should not have had a flag thrown on his play. The league also stated that a flag should have been thrown on the Chase Claypool play. Too little too late though as the Bears will not get a W in their win column despite the public announcement.