9 Postgame thoughts following the Bears 31-30 loss to the Lions

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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It is disappointing how the Chicago Bears continue to lose games they shouldn’t. Throw in another one of these games in Week 10 as the Bears lost to the Detroit Lions. It seems as though the team is consistently wasting great performances by Justin Fields.

I decided to sit down and dissect what I saw from the team as a whole in this 31-30 loss that never should have happened for many reasons. You can blame the referees for sure, but a pick-six and a missed extra point were the real deciding factors. Not to mention Cairo Santos kicking the ball out of bounds also being an issue. The HITS principles were a little lax vs the Lions. Here are my nine thoughts on what we saw and what we need to see going forward.

The Chicago Bears gave us plenty to think about in their loss to the Lions

Thought No. 1: Chase Claypool needs to be more involved

Chase Claypool caught only one pass for eight yards last Sunday. You don’t have to be a math expert to know that it is bad. Matt Eberflus said after the game he will look at why Claypool was not featured more today. I was very disappointed by his response, considering he said Claypool would get more touches this week.

Thought No. 2: Justin Fields needs to throw the ball more in certain situations

Much like last week’s game against Miami, the Bears’ failure to convert the 4th down pass ended the game as the opposing defense is trying to keep him in the pocket and forcing him to beat them with his arm.

His passing game has not caught up to his running skill because the receivers are unable to create separation and the pass protection remains a huge problem. But at some point, he must make throws and guide the team to victory late in these types of ball games.

It is about time the coaching staff allows Fields to take more shots down the field.