5 reasons for Chicago Bears fans to be thankful

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The Chicago Bears are 3-8, their quarterback is on the injury report and fans are restless. However, this is a day about giving thanks. It is a day to sit back and remember that you have it good. It is a day when you do not get bogged down the here and now, and remember the big picture.

This is a good time for Chicago Bears to do the same. Yes, it does look pretty right this very second, but if you have been watching this team then you know you have the same feeling, the feeling that something exciting is going to happen soon. Here are reasons for the fans to be thankful

5. Justin Fields looks like the future for the Chicago Bears

Justin Fields is currently injured and fans are freaking out. However, this is going to happen over the course of his career. That is part of the reason it is nice that he is so big. Beyond that, Fields was cleared to practice, and even if he does not play this week, there is no way that the injury he suffered has him out for the season.

So, the Chicago Bears have a healthy quarterback, and they have one that the fanbase has a lot of trust in. Justin Fields entered year two with plenty of questions due to a new coaching staff.

Through six weeks things did not look good, but Fields started to see things click the last month. That is why his injury Sunday has fans so worried. Still, that is because they know what the future. The future is bright.

Rivals are saying that all that he can do is run. However, if you have watched his development as a passer you would realize that he is much closer to the Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen type of breakout than a casual fan can see.

Even when things were going well in 2018, fans were still worried about Mitch Trubisky. they knew that the defense was the thing to be thankful for. Now, the Chicago Bears actually have a quarterback that has them thankful this late into November. Take a step back and be happy about that.