5 reasons for Chicago Bears fans to be thankful

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4. The Chicago Bears OC Luke Getsy is figuring it out

This is another one where you have to not think about the here and now. Fans are made at Getsy because of the last couple of play calls against the Atlanta Falcons. Still, Justin Fields even admitted that the call on the second run was to hand the football off.

Beyond that, when you step away from those final three plays and think about the 100 or so before that, you have to be excited about what Luke Getsy has done. What is cool about Getsy is that you have seen him fail and get better.

The way he has used Justin Fields improved, and the run game has grown, and now he is branching off of that. He is not perfect, and he showed that in a flawed series or two against Atlanta.

However, every week you see him learning from his mistakes, and rarely are you complaining about the same issue every single week. Beyond that, if anything, the end of the season may be what keeps Getsy from taking head coaching calls, and keeps him as offensive coordinator.

Either way, when a Chicago Bears OC is getting HC talk, things have to be good, so that is a reason to be thankful.