7 Thoughts following the Bears loss to the Vikings

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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My thoughts regarding the Chicago Bears entering Sunday’s contest against the Vikings were twofold:

"“Thank god there are only 60 more minutes left this season, and can the Bears land the No.1 overall pick?”"

For many, the Vikings game got a lot less interesting to watch anyway when the team announced Justin Fields is sitting the season finale with a hip strain on Wednesday.

But the mind of every Bears fan on Sunday was not on the Vikings game. Instead, many were probably paying more attention to the Texans vs. Colts game whether you were at the Bears game or at your favorite bar or tavern you go watch the game on Sundays. We will get to the Texans vs Colts game later.

The Chicago Bears season comes to a close in a loss to the Vikings

The game ended with the Vikings winning 29-13. The Bears did not even look like they were going to score without Justin Fields. But somehow, they manage to score two touchdowns with this ragtag bunch while rotating two journeymen quarterbacks Nathan Peterman and Tim Boyle between quarters.

It was a strange game, yet it was a fitting end to this season. We can finally put the 2022 season behind us.

Here are my six thoughts following the 29-13 loss to the Vikings.