Is this quarterback the Chicago Bears best backup option?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears have to re-think their backup quarterback situation. Trevor Siemian is fine as a backup, and the team may keep him in the room next season because of his contract. Still, the big issue with Siemian is that his playing style is nothing like Justin Fields.

You saw this season when Justin Fields got injured the offense completely changed. Then, when they went back to Fields, they tried to flip the switch back to his offense, and the magic was gone. The team needs to be able to run the same offense when Fields goes down and comes back so there are no bumps in the road.

So, they need to look to free agency or the NFL draft to find a solution. One name to keep an eye on is Joshua Dobbs. It is disappointing because Dobbs was on the Lions’ practice squad, and they could have easily signed him last year if they wanted.

They did not, and the Tennessee Titans did when Ryan Tannehill went down. Malik Willis was always a project, but it was stunning to see Dobbs beat out Willis within three weeks of signing with the team when Willis was a draft pick.

This says plenty about Willis, but just as much about Dobbs. He was able to join a new team, pick up the playbook quickly, and then start two games. Okay, the Titans did not win, but Dobbs ran things fine for a backup.

The Titans did run quite as much of a mobile quarterback offense as the Chicago Bears typically did, but you saw Josh Dobbs resort to his legs to move the chains when it called for it.

The mobility is there, and he can pick up an offense, which makes it more likely the Chicago Bears could just run the same offense with Dobbs as they do with Justin Fields.

Dobbs started two games, and his reputation is much stronger than just a few months ago when he was on a practice squad. Still, his salary will not get ridiculous and teams still realize he has a limited ceiling.

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For Dobbs, he has to see Fields and think that his playing style may get him on the field. Beyond that, he is a journeyman, and if he sees a team commit to him as the backup, knowing the offense will be partly built around him, he may want to join Chicago as much as they want him.

As far as fit, cost, and possibility, it does not get much stronger than Joshua Dobbs to the Chicago Bears.