2024 NFL Draft: Caleb Williams is the sole focus of the Bears' draft plans

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If there has been one national reporter who has been accurate about the Chicago Bears offseason plans, it has been Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

Through the trade process of Justin Fields to the Bears' evaluations of Caleb Williams, Breer has been embedded with the moves that the team has made leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft. Therefore, when Breer offers tidbits regarding what the Bears might do with the ninth overall selection, fans should listen.

In a notebook of different gatherings from teams leading up to the draft, Breer provided insight into the Bears' plans for the draft.

"Which takes you, then, to the second of their first-round picks. Other teams have gotten the sense that Chicago will try to move down given their dearth of picks on Day 2 (1) and Day 3 (2). If the Bears stick, a couple of friends of GM Ryan Poles said they think he’ll be looking to add talent around Williams. So if one of the top three receivers slide to Chicago, DJ Moore and Keenan Allen could get a running mate. If not? Maybe an offensive lineman or Texas 3-technique Byron Murphy II."

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

First and foremost, Breer suggests that the Bears may trade down. Ryan Poles had made a habit of trading down in his past two drafts while serving as the general manager of the Bears and that is likely what is fueling the speculation this season in terms of a trade down at No. 9.

Having said that, this draft does have a drop-off in talent after the fourth round so there may not be as compelling of a case for Poles to recoup late-round picks as there was in past seasons. Meaning, the greater incentive for the Bears may be to keep the No. 9 selection.

If the Bears keep the pick, then it would seem that they will follow the trend of the moves they have already made this offseason. Each move that the Bears have made this offseason has been to create a soft landing spot for Williams. They could continue those efforts with the ninth pick by selecting an elite offensive pass catcher such as Rome Odunze or Brock Bowers.

The question with the ninth pick when the Bears are on the clock is if there is a player on the board that will help Williams. If the answer to that question is yes, then it would seem likely that the Bears will be making the pick.