Ryan Poles' son has a new favorite Chicago Bears player

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It was an emotional decision that Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles made last month when he decided to trade quarterback Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not only was Fields a popular player within the Bears' locker room, he was just as popular within Poles' household. In the aftermath of the trade, Poles revealed that Fields was the favorite player of his son, Mason. Mason had a poster of Fields in his bedroom and it served as an opportunity for Poles to explain the business side of the NFL to his son.

With the 2024 NFL Draft set to begin on Thursday, and it being all but confirmed that Williams will be the selection for the Bears at No. 1, Poles had an exclusive interview with Chicago Tribune's Dan Wiederer where he not only confirms the decision but reveals that his son has a new favorite player.

"Eventually, though, Poles figured out a better way to speak the Generation Alpha language. He sent Mason to YouTube to immerse himself in Williams highlights.

“I did,” Poles said with a grin. “And now the background screen on his phone is Caleb.”"

Chicago Tribune

There's been a shift in many Bears fans in recent weeks as they put aside their love for Fields and begin to learn who Williams is for the first time. Whenever Williams speaks, the impression he leaves is that the Bears will be in good hands.

Caleb Williams is already winning over Chicago Bears fans.

Despite what some national experts might feel about the Bears' vetting process of the quarterback class, it's clear to see why the team hasn't deviated from Williams being the answer. Williams' play has proven that he is the top quarterback in this year's draft and his personality is proving to be exactly what the Bears need out of the position.