The latest Caleb Williams comments is exactly what Chicago Bears fans need to hear

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No intrigue surrounds the Chicago Bears' decision with the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Bears are going to select Caleb Williams with the first overall pick in the draft on Thursday in a selection that will be the culmination of every move that the team has made this offseason.

With the selection, the expectation is that Williams put an end to the quarterback curse that has plagued the Bears for decades.

Williams was the latest guest on The Pivot Podcast with Ryan Clark and it's an interview that every Bears fan should make time for.

There were so many takeaways that could be had from Williams' time on the podcast but this quote in particular should have Bears' fans excited.

""I want to play in one place for 20 years and chase one guy, number 12," Williams told "The Pivot" about his pending move to Chicago. "I want a place that loves ball. That's all I've heard about Chicago so far.""

Caleb Williams

For Williams, once he is drafted by the Bears next week, the goal is for Chicago to be his one and only home. Considering the turnover that the Bears have had at the quarterback position, the idea of Williams looking forward to ending that misery is exactly what fans need to hear.

There is no doubt that Williams had lofty expectations for himself, not being afraid to talk about his game while referencing Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. But it is that same confidence that was missing with the two most recent attempts by the Bears at solving the quarterback position. For better or worse, neither Mitch Trubisky nor Justin Fields spoke with the conviction that Williams when it comes to talking about his aspirations as a quarterback in the NFL.

Of course, the true test will be if Williams' play can back up the personality.