3 directions Chicago Bears discussions can go with Jaylon Johnson after franchise tag 

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The Chicago Bears have officially placed the franchise tag on Jaylon Johnson. While that ended any suspense about whether the team would tag him or not, it does not end the speculation about what will happen with Johnson, not only for this year but beyond. 

Now that Johnson is tagged, what are the three things that can happen from here?

3. The Chicago Bears could work out an extension with Jaylon Johnson 

Just because the team tagged Johnson does not mean that they will not be looking into contract extensions with the talented cornerback. In fact, it may still be smarter for the team to reach a longer team deal. 

First, it helps them smooth over his cap hit. They can give him a signing bonus upfront and spread that money out over the duration of his contract. More than that, it avoids any questions about the future. 

If Johnson plays well on the tag, what do the Bears do from there? They can tag him again, but it will be 120% of the current franchise tag cost. At that point, he will be setting the market as the highest-paid cornerback. Why not set the market with an extension that is better for both sides?

The Bears placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Johnson, so they will let Johnson look for other offers and set his market. Perhaps he comes back with something both sides agree on.