3 head-scratching roster cuts the Chicago Bears might make this offseason

Every offseason fans become infatuated with players who are considered the underdog. These are the offseason heroes who shine in preseason and during training camp, but usually do not amount to much during their careers. Ryan Nall just retired for example. If any of these three players are cut this offseason, fans and analysts might be scratching their heads.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears are just starting to put their full roster together. As the team dives into mandatory minicamp and plans for training camp, they will likely hold 90 players (the maximum allowed). We will likely see a few guys come and go during that span as well. Now that it has been confirmed that the Bears will be on the training camp version of Hard Knocks, I'm sure many fans will find a few bottom-of-the-roster favorites who probably won't make the final roster. We will have to wait and see which ones make the final cut or not.

Looking at the roster right now, a few names stand out who could become shocking roster cuts before the season starts. I know last year many fans, me included, were not thrilled to see both Trevis Gipson and Terrell Lewis not retained. It turns out that neither made a huge impact elsewhere. Gipson played in eight games, finishing with one sack and a forced fumble. Lewis never saw the field in 2023 but signed a one-year deal with the Eagles this year. What is the most frustrating though was the fact they added another defensive end in Kareem Khalid -- another end who didn't do anything last year.

3 names the Chicago Bears could surprisingly cut this offseason

Is it possible that we see a similar outrage this offseason for other players on the roster? I'm not talking about a Ryan Nall type who just retired from football either. Three names jump out at me as guys who could fit that description. I wouldn't be shocked by any of them being shown the door, but just like with Lewis and Gipson last year, there will be fans and analysts questioning the decision.