3 positions Chicago Bears could add after the 2024 NFL draft

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1. The Chicago Bears could still add an edge rusher

When the Bears took a punter over the notable edge rushers available, it brought some questions into the air. Tory Taylor may be the best punter in the draft, and if he hits, he could be a difference-maker. Still, if an edge rusher hits at that point in the draft, the cost-benefit is much greater. 

So, it helped ease the concern of some fans when they traded back into the round for Austin Booker. They took the punter that they had rated higher and still hit the need. Still, think about that: they had the punter rated higher. They did not have Booker viewed as highly as some, even if they did trade into the round for him. 

The Bears have Montez Sweat, and while DeMarcus Walker is their number two, he would be best as a rotational number three. However, the players looking into the role are Jacob Martin, Austin Booker, and Dominique Robinson. 

Martin is a journeyman, Robinson is veering towards being a bust, and Booker is a rookie who selected after a punter. If the Bears can find a veteran to push these guys, they should not hesitate to add them.